Reading Competition!


 Every school has the chance to win a visit from Zoolab ( between the 15th and the 30th of September. The 3 schools with the most pupils completing the summer reading challenge will win. We will look at the school roll and the percentage of children that have taken part, so every school – big or small – has equal chances to win!

How the Challenge works

  • Children sign up at their local library and receive an Animal Agents collector folder
  • Children borrow and read at least six library books of their own choice during the summer, collecting special stickers to complete their folder and incentives along the way
  • Library staff and young volunteers are on hand to advise and run family-friendly activities

Children who complete the Summer Reading Challenge are presented with a certificate and a medal

 How do schools benefit?

  • The Summer Reading Challenge is intrinsically inclusive and can contribute to the achievement
  • of ALL your pupils including those with special educational needs, disadvantaged pupils and the most able.
  • It enhances and supports your school’s reading policy and your mission for all children to read more widely and for pleasure
  • It encourages parental engagement and family involvement in reading and helps your school make links with the library and the wider community
  • It allows children to become more independent in their reading when choosing books and encourages using imagination and empathy to explore a text beyond the page
  • It takes place at your local library and is a brilliant opportunity for extra-curricular activity

It helps prevent the tendency for children’s reading to dip over the holidays and supports the successful transition between year groups and stages

You can download a special school resource pack full of fun, creative ideas and activities to inspire children and families to take part in the Summer Reading Challenge at:

By championing the Summer Reading Challenge in your school, you will be continuing to support your pupils’ learning during the holidays, ensuring they return ready for a great start to the new academic year.

It’s FUN!    It’s FREE!    It’s LOCAL!