Micro-Tyco 2017

Dear Parent/Carer

Primary 6 are participating in the Enterprise Topic “Micro Tyco” in November.

This involves the class becoming entrepreneurs to help raise funds for the WildHearts Charity.

Primary 6 will receive a starter fund of £1.  Primary 6 will then have to develop ideas on how they can start a business with £1.

Primary 6 are creating a “Ladywell Primary School Recipe Book” and we would like to produce this recipe book by using Ladywell “Family Recipes”.

We would love if parents/carers could give us their favourite family recipes – baking or cooking!

All money created  is invested by WildHearts in micro-loans for poor entrepreneurs in the developing world.

Could recipes please be handed into the school office by 31 October 2017 – that would be fantastic!

Thank You

Mrs McGuire & Primary 6 pupils