Cycling to School/ Travelling by Scooter P3-P7

Please note that children from P3 to p7 must return a permission slip and will then be issued with a ‘cycle pass’. Children must carry this pass with them at all times.

The pass may be removed if the safety rules are not followed.

Please note that children will not be allowed to bring bikes and scooters to school if they do not have permission.

Safety Rules

  • All cyclists will have to dismount before entering school grounds and walk through the car park area to bicycle racks  via the pavement.
  • Bikes will need to be secured and padlocked by the owner (owner’s responsibility).
  • Helmets will need to be strapped to the bike if there is no room in the storage box.
  • At 3pm – bike owners will need to wait until all children have exited the school car park area before walking out of the car park via the pavement.

Although we cannot enforce the wearing of a helmet when travelling on a scooter we strongly recommend it for safety reasons.

Thank you for your co-operation. As you will appreciate this is to ensure all children are safe when travelling to, from  and around school.