Dear Parents/ Carers

As Thursday the 31st of October is Halloween, we are going to hold our annual ‘Halloween Costume Parade’ in school.

At 2.15pm on Thursday 31st of October every child, from every class, will be given the opportunity to walk around the open plan area of the school, to allow other pupils to look at their Halloween costume.

This means, on Thursday 31st of October 2019, there are two options available to your child-1. Bring in their Halloween costume in a bag, ready to change into after lunchtime.2. Go for a home lunch if you feel they would benefit from changing into a costume under your supervision. (For home lunches, pupils wait in the foyer at their normal lunch bell and an adult should collect them from the front door of the school.)

We are looking forward to a fun, safe and happy Halloween parade. We fully understand if your child wishes to just watch the parade rather than take part. They are under no obligation to dress up, it is not compulsory. 

Kind regards,

Mr Colquhoun

Acting Principal Teacher