Dear Parents/Carers,

As you all know North Lanarkshire Council have now started to share information regarding the plans for the return to school in August.

As I am sure you can all appreciate, there are a lot of decisions to be made to ensure all necessary health and safety requirements are met.

Staff have now returned to school on a rota basis to prepare the classrooms and school environment for our new way of working.

I am currently working on the composition of groupings, bearing in mind that a 2m distance must be adhered to within all class bases. This means that children will be taught in smaller groupings than they would be if this was an ordinary school year.

Some parents have contacted me to request that their child is grouped with specific friends or with a specific teacher. While I am more than happy to listen to your concerns, unfortunately I cannot give any guarantees that I can accommodate these requests. One of the priorities that I have to consider when making the groupings is that siblings attend schools on the same days. This is to give as much support to working parents as possible. Unfortunately, I cannot match the days your child attends school to parents’ work patterns.

Some parents have asked if their child will attend school on the same day as their sibling from the secondary school. Again, this may not always be possible as the secondary school has a number of factors to consider.

Parents have also been asking about uniforms, arrangements for PE, whether or not their child should bring a school bag.

I know that some schools within the authority have already made these decisions and have posted information on social media.

I fully intend to share this information with you as and when these decisions are made. All schools are different and have different challenges to consider and therefore make decisions at different times. 

In our school we have a large number of children and limited space in which to accommodate them, so the priority for me right now is to ensure I can give your children the minimum education as detailed by the authority.

The decisions on uniform etc. will come. Please do not rush to buy all the resources you usually would as there will be restrictions on what children can bring to school. The detail of this will follow soon. Please just bear with me a little longer as I decide what is best for our children.

The Ladywell team are working very hard to ensure that when your child/children return to us in August we have everything in place to support them.

I know it is an anxious time for many parents but please trust me that I am doing my very best to ensure we provide what is best for our school community.

I will be sending out further letters as soon as I have more information to share with you.

Thank you so much for your support.

Mrs S Winning