MACMILLAN coffee morning

You’re invited to our fabulous coffee morning!

Come and join Staff and Pupils


Ladywell Primary School


the 29th of September 2019


10:00am until 11:30am

Pupils are asked to bring 50p for juice and cakes.

Outdoor P.E.

Here is some information relating to outdoor P.E.

The intention is to deliver lessons to the pupils in the school grounds even if the weather is wet. We will be playing games, taking part in various sports and learning about ways to keep out bodies fit and healthy in the ‘Great Outdoors’.

For pupils to be able to participate fully, it is very important for them to come prepared.

Pupils will need the following items for Outdoor P.E if the lessons are to be fun and provide opportunities for the pupils to develop their skills fully-

  • A warm jumper, cardigan, fleece jacket or hoody.
  • A waterproof jacket.
  • A pair of old trainers which the children will not mind getting muddy/ wet.
  • A hat and gloves in really cold weather.
  • A pair of tracksuit bottoms that the children will not mind getting ‘mud spattered’ or ‘rain spattered’.
  • A change of dry socks for the children to put on once they are back in the school all dry and cosy.

As a matter of interest, the documentation from ‘Education Scotland’, the governing body of Scottish Education Outcomes and Experiences states that-

‘There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing.’

Please help your child come prepared for Outdoor P.E so they can maximise their level of enjoyment in the academic year ahead.

Health and Safety When Travelling

We would respectfully ask that when picking up or dropping off children at Ladywell Primary school you adhere to the guidance published in the Highway code and park in a safe and responsible manner for the health and safety of all pupils, other road users and home owners in the area.

Please use the  school drop off area in the first instance if you are able to.

Reading Modelling Block

Dear Parent/Carer,


Reading Modelling Block

You may be wondering why it is later this session before your child has been given a novel or book home for reading homework. North Lanarkshire Literacy Base recommend that all children from Primary 4 to Primary 7 experience a few weeks in August/September where the teacher models the main reading strategies.

During this time, the children will be using a shared novel in class and will complete all reading and follow up tasks within class time. The purpose of the modelling block is to allow the teacher the opportunity to teach Higher Order Reading Skills. Children may have been given additional books to read at home to supplement their homework. In some cases, there may be children who have read the ‘modelling’ text before, in a small group setting. In such cases, it is important to note that the children are not repeating work. As previously stated, the class novel is used for the teacher to model a standard of work. Therefore, the story, in this case, becomes less important.

After this block, the children will return to a smaller group setting to complete novel studies. They will also have their novel sent home each night to enhance their reading fluency. Please ensure that your child has read the pages or chapters given for the correct day, otherwise they will be unable to complete the follow up reading tasks in class to the standard that would be expected.

Thank you for your continued support.