Teaching Staff

Head Teacher Mrs S. Winning
Depute Head Teacher Mrs A. Curran
Depute Head Teacher Miss M. McLellan
Principal Teacher Mrs S. Henderson

Office/Support Staff

Office Staff Miss S. Burns
Office Staff Mrs S. Tollan
Classroom Assistants/ASNs Mrs D. Inglis
Miss K. Laikowski
Mrs A. Cameron
Mrs J. Gault
Mrs K. Cochrane
Mrs A. Anderson
Janitor Mr J. Orr
Class Teachers
Primary 1a Miss T. McGhee
Primary 1b Mrs N. Riddell/Mrs V. Bamford
Primary 2/1 Mr S. Colquhoun
Primary 2 Miss M. McLaughlin
Primary 3/2 Mrs G. Carton/Miss P. Steel
Primary 3 Mr T. Puim
Primary 3/4 Miss J. Taylor
Primary 4 Mrs Steel/Miss Stewart
Primary 5 Mrs S. Henderson (PT)/ Mrs Hutchison
Primary 5/4 Miss L. Girvan
Primary 5/6 Miss A. Currie
Primary 6 Miss C. MacDonald/Miss C. Cullen
Primary 7/6 Miss L. Conway
Primary 7 Mrs F. MacDonald/Miss M. McCallum
Flexibility Role Mrs F. MacDonald/Mr M. Newman/Miss C. MacDonald

The school is staffed to levels advocated by national standards and the decisions of North Lanarkshire Council’s Education Officers. The HT is the overall manager of the school and oversees all areas of learning and teaching, finance, curriculum development, assessment and pupil and staff welfare. The DHTs have specific responsibility for Support For Learning, areas of Curriculum for Excellence, including Active Numeracy. Specific areas of SIP, CPD training and other duties are delegated by HT.

The Principal Teacher is class committed and has responsibilities for certain areas of the curriculum.