Homework policy

Pupils are given homework at every stage in the school. Work at home is encouraged for two reasons – it increases children’s independent learning and it allows parents to work with their child. It also allows parents to see what work is being done in school.

Pupils are given work which will help to reinforce skills already taught. Homework should not take more than 15 – 30 minutes to complete and children should be stopped from working if they appear to be experiencing difficulty with it. A note to this effect in the homework jotter would alert teachers to any problems. Work given includes reading, spelling, maths, written language work or, for the upper school pupils, some research work for a topic.

It would be appreciated if parents would supervise the neatness and legibility of written homework and sign the page, to show that they have checked over the work done. No work will be given to children absent through illness or holiday. Additional work will be set when the children return to class.

Each child has a Homework Diary which details homework for each night or for the week. A weekly comment from the class teacher is sent home each Friday which allows the Parent/Carer to comment and sign before returning. The diary is used as a two-way communication tool.

A new Homework Policy has been written in partnership with the Parent Council & Staff and a summary is issued to parents each year.

A Homework Contract is also issued each year.